Wednesday, 29 May 2013

$10000 mongoose - An Ode to Joy!


To my farm late yesterday I travelled. Who knows what birds I'd find?

Frenzied yapping should have stopped the chore; and
I should have shut the garage-door.
That's true but now a distant tearful click away ...

I should not have used the Range Rover either; but I did as much & just for fun.
The dachshunds should have stayed in town!
Instead they joined me 'for a run'.

Flappy-eared & tongues triumphant,
the two canines later came to heal.
I know them well. These dogs were guilty; but of what?
Must have been a meal.

An hour before did streak a mongoose; right across the lawn.
Tolerating trespass not these dogs gave tongue & baying murder pursued the culprit's fate.
Under the car, not yet registered, the mongoose found his shelter; the engine cooling late.
Conscience-free the two dived after; clawed & bit their journey higher. This electronic maze, a hindrance, the two released from burden.
Its central-nervous system thus arranged, the newbie's heart was broken.

The tail of woe ends not there..

'Hark, a racket?' Two Ridgebacks cocked an ear..
As the battle raged late into the day, the two big browns soon joined the fray.
Atop the bonnet sat the slender culprit; inside the engine's coffin still raged the flappy-two.
One big brown stretched her leg and rearranged the vehicle's paint; Picasso-perfect too..

What of the slender pimpernel? Escaped scott-free & none too soon.
Inside my wallet the workshop-manager now resides. The panelbeater waits his boon!

'Mustard with that dog?'           Anyone?

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