Thursday, 13 June 2013

An F-16 in our garden..

We acquire skills either in the training simulator or by repetition which, in time, initiates the same sub-conscious response under specific conditions. It's what makes us who we are.

Often accused of intolerable inattention on the roads or whenever outdoors, the sub-conscious impulse to scan the skies for whatever might catch my eye is an instilled habit. Occasionally the rewards are immeasurable.

Whilst running the dogs in our garden, as is our way each morning, routine scanning of the skies revealed a young female Falco in our Eucalyptus tree; a beacon in our area, despised by the neighbours and enjoyed by all things avian. Contemplating us quietly and then later the gangs of G. Go-away-birds, bulbuls & zosterops which mobbed her mercilessly, she spent the morning unmoved, preening & completely at ease.

She's species 102 in our Sandton garden. Our current avian residents of shrub, scrub, bush & tree will have to look to the skies for from out-of-the-sun lurks a living Fighting Falcon on the dive for the inattentive...

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